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American Revolution Web Quest
A crisis has changed American history and only you and your team of experts can fix it.

Documents of Early America

Earliest civilizations

On-Line Newspapers
250 Best On-line Newspapers

Top News Stories
To use for Mr. Fratini's S.S. Year 2003 in review assignment.

Court Terms to Know
For 8th Grade S.S. Supreme Court Trial

Maine Government Site

Nasa Ozone Graphing
For Mr. Fratini's Math class on graphing data using laptops.

Map of South America
To use with Graphing Ozone Concentrations.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patents Trademarks Copyrights Other Identifiers

Maine Native Americans

News Summaries from the NY Times
News Summaries Daily News Quiz Word of the Day Test Prep Question of the Day Web Explorer Science Q & A Letters to the Editor Ask a Reporter Web Navigator

Maine Geography

Auto Industry in Maine
Economic Contributions More than 3 percent of the Maine's workforce is employed in either the automobile industry or in a job dependent on the auto industr

MAINE - Agriculture & Industry

Maps for Maine Project
TerraServer contains 3.3 tera-bytes of high resolution USGS aerial imagery and USGS topographic maps . You can locate imagery by clicking on the map above, entering a city or town name in the "Search TerraServer" form at the top of the page, or entering a U.S. street address . Click on Advanced Find to see other methods for searching our imagery database.

Maine State Legislature

National Ad Council
For information on construction of 8th graders Public Sevice Announcements.

Maine National Guard information

Research for Maine handbook

Civil War Letters

Civil War Personal Journal Web Quest
Use the following web site as your Internet resource for creating your Civil War Journal.

Cultural Debate
Learn about issues, read and write opinions, and see what others think too. You'll discover connections and differences between a rainforest society, your own culture, and other communities.

Japan Pen Pal
This penpal/friendship forum specializes in contacts between Japanese and non Japanese people of any age for friendship, inter-cultural communication, language exchange, etc. A free membership is required for participation

The Mentawai jungle dwellers live on the remote island of Siberut (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Bill of Rights WebQuest

Using the Microscope
Answers to 'WHAT THE PARTS DO' : 1. ocular 2. base 3. nosepiece 4. low power objective lens, high power objective lens 5. arm 6. fine focus knob 7. stage 8. diaphragm 9. coarse focus knob 10. light source (lamp or mirror) 11. stage clips

Timeline Maker

In this first unit, Discover Diversity, students become detectives of key people, events and enduring themes in Maine’s history as they interpret primary sources, write case reports and conduct interviews around key people, events and enduring themes in Maine's history.

8th grade Maine Portfolio Project
Topics on This Page About Maine government, State House, license plates, state symbols, famous Maine citizens, Maine history, Maine facts, Maine children's books, population, and more. Contests and games.

Maine Facts for each County
Use this link for the 8th grade portfolio project.

Graphing Calculator for OS X

"Over There"

Salary Expert
Use this link for your Career Project.

Career Profiles

Taxonomy Web page

Animal Diversity

Kingdoms Web Site
Descriptions of the 5 kingdoms

Owl Pellets Information
Information to use with the Pre-Lab for owl pellets.

Owl pellets - Dissection on Line

Metric Units
For use in Mr. Fratini's Science classes.

Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversions
Use to check your answers in science homework.

Cell Diagram
Parts and functions of Cells.

Fish Friends Project

Salmon Information
For use in Mr. Fratini's science classes.

This animation demonstrates the stages of mitosis in an animal cell. Use the control buttons in the upper left to run the complete animation. Click on any intermediate stage (for example, Anaphase), and see a representative still frame.

space web quest
1. You have five missions to complete. 2. You may work alone or with one other person. 3. If you choose to work with one other person, you must also turn in a paragraph explaining how you divided the work so that each person completed at least half of the mission. 4. You may have a different partner for each mission. 5. All Missions are due by the end of this week. You may choose the order of your missions.

Invention Links
The Invention Dimension! Lots to explore here! "Sites for Kids" and" Inventor of the Week Archives" (over 125 bTrief stories about famous inventors that are organized alphabetically by inventor or by invention) are particularly good. The Great Idea Finder Fascinating stories behind the world's greatest inventors and great inventions. Take a glimpse into the past at some of the more unusual inventions and how they came to be, or not to be. Inventure Place From our own Akron, Ohio! The home of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, this place has biographies of inventors and an index of their inventions. Inventions & Discoveries From Adrenaline first isolated by John Jacob Abel, U.S., 1897 to the zipper: invented by W. L. Judson, U.S., 1891, thgis site lists hundreds of inventions and their inventors. Leonardo Home Page A comprehensive web site on Leonardo da Vinci which includes five lesson plans for hands-on classroom activities. Welcome to Invention! This section of the GIRLTECH site has information for the person interested in learning how to invent, descriptions of some kooky inventions, and stories about some female inventors.

Student Web sites for Inventions
8th grade student made web sites.

Matter and States of Matter

Rocket launch

Rollercoaster science

Build a roller coaster
For use with Mr. Fratini's Science classes with Motion and Force.

Laptop Survey

Cicada Mania
Great website to find information, pictures and videos of cicadas (CPM Math-Prime Time Grade 6)

NASA's Space Place
NASA's site to learn more about spaceship Earth and have funwith word puzzles about air, water, land, and life.

Where is Monty the Moose?
Monty the Moose is the official world traveling mascot of the Bangor International Airport. Go here to find the BDN special activity each month to find Monty.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) supports and conducts biomedical and behavioral research on the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems.

Chemical Reactions Web Quest
For Mr. Fratini's Seventh Grade Science classes. Students will learn about atoms, matter and chemical reactions. Students will practice the scientific method by completing an experiment on chemical reactions. Students will complete a quiz to test their knowledge of atoms, matter and chemical reactions.

Motion -
Motion - what is it and why does it happen?? It could be a car moving on a road, a hockey player taking a slap shot on net, a quarterback throwing into the end zone. Are these examples of motion? Well, this section in my lab will help to clear up these concepts.

Check out these science fair examples.
Selah Science Projects Grades 6 and 7 2005

Paper Airplane Designs
This activity might just get you in a bunch of trouble. It would be best to keep them in the science lab.


Vascular vs. Nonvascular Plants.

Nasa Water Rocket Site

Nasa Web Quests
Interactive explorations designed to engage students in authentic scientific and engineering processes. The solutions relate to issues encountered daily by NASA personnel.
(Math Comes Alive!)

(Physics Comes Alive!)


(Worksheets & more)

(Make a page of links!)

(Make Graphs Online)

(Word Searches, etc.)
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